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You can copy an individual table using the Data Mover command-line interface by specifying the value table selection="included" and the name of the table. In the XML example, table1 and table3 are copied as they specify the value table selection="included". Table2 in the objects list is not copied because the value is set to table selection="unselected".
<database selection="unselected">
	<table selection="included">
	<table selection="unselected">
	<table selection="included">

Usage Notes

  • If the object being copied does not exist on the target database, it is created on the target database. If the object does exist on the target database, the object is overwritten – unless the overwrite_existing_objects property is set to false. In that case, a create time error is generated.
  • Tables can be copied between systems supported by Data Mover.