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October 2021
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Before creating a job, you may want to add source and target systems to the Favorite Systems tab of the Settings view.
Spaces in the user name for the source or target id causes the job to fail.
Spaces in the account name for the source or target account id causes the job to fail.
  1. From the Saved Jobs view, click New Job.
  2. Enter a unique name for the job.
  3. Edit the credentials for the Source and Target systems.
  4. Select objects from the source system in the Objects tab.
  5. [Optional] To verify the parent database and objects selected, click the Selection Summary tab.
  6. [Optional] To adjust job settings for the job, click the Job Settings tab.
    Settings can include specifying whether a job continues or aborts if an access rights violation is encountered on an object.
  7. Click Save.
The newly created job is listed in the Saved Jobs view.