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Data Mover RESTful APIs provide an interface to Data Mover functions using standard HTTPS requests. You can access the Data Mover RESTful service using any standard REST client. For example, you can use REST client modules provided in scripting languages like Python or PERL, or those provided in visual tools like the Firefox RESTClient add-on.

Data Mover RESTful API returns status links in response to certain requests. When using RESTful API through a proxy service instead of Data Mover directly, you can modify these links to reference the proxy service host rather than the Data Mover host. This is achieved by adding hostname:port to the Data Mover REST Accept Host List and adding the X-Forwarded-Host: hostname:port header to the request.

If your proxy service uses SSL and your Data Mover provider does not, add the X-Forwarded-SSL: on header to prefix the Data Mover links with HTTP instead of HTTPS.