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Teradata Data Mover
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October 2021
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User Guide
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You can specify credentials and settings for favorite source and target Teradata Database systems so you do not need to enter that information each time you choose those databases.
  1. Click "" in the portlet frame and select Settings.
  2. Specify a system.
  3. Enter authentication information for connecting to the system.
  4. Select the Source or Target check box for the system.
    You can specify a system as source and target by selecting both check boxes.
  5. [Optional] Click "" to add an additional system.
  6. [Optional] Click "" to remove a system.
  7. [Optional] Click Test to verify that the login settings are correct.
    If the operation is successful, "" appears. If the operation fails, "" appears. If you receive an error, verify that the login credentials are valid and the host can be reached.
  8. [Optional] To use these settings when new instances of the Data Mover portlet are added, click Save as Default.
  9. [Optional] To reset the user-defined default settings to system values when new instances of the Data Mover portlet are added, click Clear Defaults.
  10. Select OK.