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October 2021
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The sync parameter of the Start command waits for a job to complete and then returns an exit code to indicate whether the job completed successfully. The effect of the sync parameter setting when trying to start a blocked job is outlined below.
Sync parameter Effect
Enabled The command line waits until the job starts successfully or fails because the maximum retry interval is reached. The job is marked as failed if the locks are not released when the maximum interval is reached or if a daemon failure occurs while it is in a blocked state. Jobs that fail this way can be started again after the locks are released or when the daemon is restored.
Not enabled The command line exits with a message that an attempt to start the job occurs when the locks are released. A background process attempts to check locks after the interval specified by blocked.job.retry.interval and starts the job if no locks are detected. During the time that a job waits for locks to be released, the job is in a blocked state, which is displayed in the Status output. A user can cancel a blocked status job at any time by running the stop command. A job in a blocked state consumes a slot from the maximum concurrent job limit until it runs or fails due to reaching the maximum retry interval.