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October 2021
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You can copy triggers to a target Teradata system. If you enable the trigger, you can specify whether to place the trigger on the target table before or after the table is loaded.
  1. In the Objects tab, click "" to expand the tree.
  2. Click "" to expand a database or user object where the trigger is located.
  3. To filter so only triggers display, do the following:
    1. Click "" and clear all check marks except for Trigger.
    2. Move the cursor away from the object-types filter to refresh the tree with triggers in the sub-branch.
  4. Click "" to display the Trigger Settings dialog box.
  5. [Optional] To activate the trigger and designate when to place it on the target table, select Enabled and do one of the following from the Action Time list:
    • Select BEFORE to place the trigger on the target table before the table is loaded. A trigger action occurs for each row that is copied from the source.
    • Select AFTER from the Action Time list to place the trigger on the target table after the table is loaded. No trigger action occurs for rows that are copied from the source.
  6. Select OK.