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October 2021
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When copying entire databases using DSA, join and hash indexes on the source database are not automatically copied to the target when either relocating the database or when database.copy.joinIndex is not set to true. You must copy join and hash indexes explicitly during a database relocation or during a database copy when database.copy.joinIndex is set to false using the following instructions:
  1. Open the parameters.xml file that has the job definition information for the job.
  2. Create an indices section.
  3. Add the selection="included" attribute to an index element.
  4. Specify the name of the join or hash index using a name element.
  5. Specify the index type using an index_type element. The possible values are HASH_INDEX and JOIN_INDEX.
    DSA automatically copies join or hash indices when the source or target database version is prior 16.20. In this instance, creating an additional indices section is not necessary. In addition, when using DSA on databases with versions earlier than 16.20, extra indices are not supported.

In the following example, the hash index DBName.Orders_hi associated with the DBName.Orders table is copied to the target when copying the database DBName.

<database selection="included">
			<index selection="included">