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Teradata Data Mover
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October 2021
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User Guide
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English (United States)
Name Description JSON Data Type Required
actions A list of actions, such as read, write, and execute, that the policy grants to the principals for a specified resource. Valid actions for the resource types are:
  • tdrn:datamover:daemon_access = read, write, execute
  • tdrn:datamover:daemon_advanced = allowDSA, allowT2T, allowUpdatejobPlan, allowChangeJobPriority, allowTPTAPILOAD, allowTPTAPIUPDATE, allowTPTAPISTREAM, maxNumberOfStreams
  • tdrn:datamover:job = read, write, execute, owner
String Yes
description Policy description. String No
name Policy name. String No
principals List of principal names that apply to this policy. Principals must all be the same type (user, group, or role). String Yes
resources List of resources that apply to this policy. Resource is in tdrm:datamover:resource_name format. Valid values are:
  • tdrn:datamover:daemon_access:*
  • tdrn:datamover:daemon_advanced:*
  • tdrn:datamover:job_name
String Yes
service Optional service name associated with the policy. Not required, but if provided, must be datamover. String No
type The type of principal: user or role. String Yes