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Teradata® Data Mover User Guide

Teradata Data Mover
Release Number
Release Date
October 2021
Content Type
User Guide
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English (United States)
Actions Requires Input Parameters Parameter Location HTTP Method
Backup Daemon No Request Body POST
Check Permissions No Request Body POST
Cleanup Job No DELETE
Create Event Table Yes Request Body POST
Create Job Yes Request Body POST
Create Policies No Request Body POST
List Data Mover Information No GET
Delete Event Table No DELETE
Delete Job No Path DELETE
Edit Event Table No Request Body PUT
Edit Job Yes Request Body PUT
Encrypt Password Yes Request Body POST
List Agents No GET
List Configuration No GET
List Event Tables No GET
List Job Definition No GET
List Jobs Yes GET
List Job Steps No Path GET
List Policies Yes Path GET
List Tasks Yes Path GET
Move Job Yes Request Body POST
Restart Job Yes Request Body POST
Restore Daemon No Request Body POST
Save Configuration Yes Request Body PUT
Start Job Yes Path and Request Body POST
Status No Path GET
Stop Job No DELETE
Update Job Priority Yes Request Body PUT
Update Job Steps No Request body PUT
1List jobs variants are startTimeAfter, endTimeBefore, and endTimeAfter.