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October 2021
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  1. Run list_configuration for current property values.
  2. Find the target.system.load.slots property in the configuration XML file produced by list_configuration and complete the following:
    • Below the default value tags, add a set of value tags.
    • Inside the opening value tag, set the system attribute to the name or IP address of the target Teradata Database system (the name or IP address must match the identification being used in Data Mover jobs running against this system).
    • Specify a limit for this system between the opening and closing value tags.

    The following is an example of the target.system.load.slots property with the default value set to 5 and a limit of 10 specified for the target Teradata Database system, targetSystemA.

    	<value system="targetSystemA">10</value>
     <description>Purpose: Controls total number of load slots that Data Mover can
    	use at one time on target Teradata systems. Default: 5.</description>
  3. Run save_configuration to save the changes.