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October 2021
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The Teradata user name and password can be modified for an existing event table using the parameters listed in the following table.
Parameter Example Description
event_table_name event1 Name that uniquely identifies the installation of the event table.
change_user_name true Determines whether or not the user name is changed.
user_name dmuser1 Existing Teradata user name for Data Mover to access the event table. The user requires INSERT permission for the TMSMEvent table.
change_user_password true Determines whether or not the user password is changed.
user_password dmuser1pass Password for the Teradata user associated with the user_name.
  1. Type the modify_event_table command using the parameters in the table above.
    datamove modify_event_table -event_table_name event1 -change_user_name true -user_name dmuser2 -change_user_password true -user_password $131F