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October 2021
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When security management is enabled, Viewpoint users and Data Mover super-users must specify values for several security parameters.

Viewpoint Users

A Viewpoint user must provide their Viewpoint user name and password using the security_username and security_password parameters. When a user provides a value for the security_username parameter, the Viewpoint authentication process returns information about the user's role to the command line. If the user's role has the required access permission to run the command, the command is executed.

The Viewpoint user can provide the security parameters directly on the command line, or in a parameters.xml file. For example, a Viewpoint user who wants to run the list_jobs command could type:
datamove list_jobs -security_username ViewpointUser -security_password MyPassword -job_name MyJob
Alternatively, the user could type:
datamove list_jobs -f list_job.xml
where list_job.xml contains the following:
<dmListJobs xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" 

Regardless of which method used, if security_password is not specified or is left empty, the command line interface will prompt for the Viewpoint password. The user can type in the masked Viewpoint password at that time.

Data Mover Super User

Certain commands can only be run by Data Mover super users or Viewpoint Administrators. Data Mover super users must specify values for one of the following either directly on the command-line interface, or in parameters.xml.
  • -security_username and -security_password
  • -security_password_encrypted

Do not specify a value for both the -security_password and the -security_password_encrypted parameters.

Unless the super user password is modified with the modify_admin_password command, use dmcl_admin as the value for the -security_username and -security_password parameters.

For example, a Data Mover user who wants to run the start command could type:
datamove start -job_name PROD1_TO_DEV1 -security_username dmcl_admin -security_password 53cUr17y
Alternatively the user could specify values for the security management elements in an XML file rather than passing the parameters on the command line. The security parameters must be the first elements that you specify in the parameters.xml file. The following parameters.xml file runs the start command for job PROD1_TO_DEV1, assumes that security management is enabled, and uses dmcl_admin as the user name for the super user and 53cUr17y as the password for the super user. If security management is enabled, always specify values for <security_username> and <security_password> elements immediately after the first element in the XML file.
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