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Use query band to tag sessions or transactions in the Teradata Database. In Data Mover, you can enable or disable the default query band feature using the daemon configuration parameter job.default.queryband.enabled. If the default query band feature is enabled, Data Mover uses the default daemon-level query band job.default.queryband property value such as the below example:


You can update the default query band property value with the enabled or disabled command job.default.queryband.enabled. This property value is used in the command parameters list_cofiguration and save_configuration.

You can provide a query band value at the job level using the query_band xml tag or the REST queryBand value when running create, move, or edit job. If the default query band feature is disabled, you must provide the query band value at job level to use query band; otherwise, query band not used.

  1. Use the appropriate query band level steps to set the query band property values:
    Query Band Level Steps
    Job Level At the job level, query band has a higher priority than the default query band at daemon level.
    1. Create a job definition with a list of objects to move, appending the <query_band></query_band> element before the final closing tag </dmCreate>.
    2. Enter the query band information as a set of semicolon-separated name value pairs between the query band elements as in the following example:


    3. Add or modify the <query_band> value using the create, move, or edit job commands.
    Daemon Level At the daemon level, query band settings are applicable to all jobs. Use the list_configuration or save_configuration commands to update property values.
    1. To enable the default query band feature, set the job.default.queryband.enabled property as true.
    2. Set the default query band property, job.default.queryband, with the appropriate values.