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October 2021
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When creating a new job or editing an existing one, use the object browser to locate and select the objects you want to copy. Filtering allows you to display only database objects that match your filter criteria. The filtering controls are identified in the following graphic and explained in the table.
  1. Use the top level Database Filter or expand the branches and select the object types for your job.

    The object browser, with filtering for all types of objects within a selected user object with names that begin with the letter d.

    Control Action
    Database Filter Filters the entire tree to display the databases and users that match the text you enter in the box. Filtering is case insensitive.
    Filter Box Filters for database objects in the branch or sub-branch that match the text you enter in the box. Filtering is case insensitive.
    Check Box Selects all objects in the branch and sub-branch.
    Object-Type Filter Selects types of database objects.
    Matched Objects Total objects that match the current filter criteria in the branch. If no objects of the type are found, the branch displays 0 matches.
    Selection-Option List Toggles selection of multiple items in the sub-branch only.
    Page-Results Navigator Navigates through pages of filtered results in the branch.
  2. Click Save.
    The Saved Job view appears.