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October 2021
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The Selection Summary tab enables you to view information about the objects to be copied to the target system, as well as any objects you rename or databases you remap, before saving the job.
Object Icon
Displays an icon of the object type.
Source DB
Provides the name of the source database.
Source Obj
Provides the name of the object in the source database.
Identifies the object size in megabytes or kilobytes (K).
Rename to
Identifies the new name you give to objects copied to the target.
Map to
Identifies the target database to which you map a source database.
If you are copying a partial table, you may see the following display: Size estimate based on full table instead of partial table. This text appears when both of the following apply:
  • You entered a WHERE restrictive clause in order to copy a partial table.
  • You do not have access on the source system to calculate the precise size, which requires running multiple queries on the source system.
Access to calculating the precise size for partial table copying is set using portlet permissions in the Portlets tab of the Roles Manager portlet.