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Databases and tables specified for the command line must follow Teradata naming rules. Names can contain only the following characters:

  • a - z
  • A - Z
  • _
  • $
  • #
  • 0 - 9
  • (blank space)

Command line or job XML expects the database, table, and column object names to be identical to the database object names. If the object starts with a special character or contains any leading or trailing spaces, do not add double quotes. If the object name contains double quotes, do not add extra double quotes to escape it. Teradata systems support leading spaces only, not trailing spaces. For more information, see system documentation.

The following table provides examples of object names.

Database Object Name Command Line Name
[Ide#..2] [Ide#..2]
["SPLCh"Table] ["SPLCh"Table]
[SPLCh Table] [SPLCh Table]
[21SPL] [21SPL]