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October 2021
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Teradata Ecosystem Manager events can be logged to an internal event table that Data Mover manages. You can set up and delete event tables using the Data Mover Setup portlet.
  1. In the Daemons column, click the name of the daemon you want to update.
  2. In the Daemon Setup column, click Event Table Logging.
  3. [Optional] If there are no event tables, click Add Event Table, or to add additional event tables. click "" next to Edit.
    1. In the Connect to System dialog box, enter the logon information.
    2. Click Next.
      The Select a Database dialog box appears.
    3. Next to Select a Database, click "".
      You can use the filter to display only the items that match the characters you enter.
    4. Select OK.
      The newly created event table system and database appear.
  4. [Optional] To designate the event table as the default, select the Default check box.
    If you do not specify any event tables for logging events, the default event tables are used for jobs.
  5. [Optional] To edit the username, password, or authentication mechanism, click Edit.
  6. [Optional] To add another event table, click "".
  7. [Optional] To remove an event table, click "".
  8. Click Apply.
    If the operation is successful, "" appears. If the operation fails, "" appears. Verify the settings are correct and try again.

    When the operation is successful, an event table is created if one does not exist under the database.