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October 2021
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  1. From the designated-active or standby daemon server, run dmcluster status to verify the cluster state.
  2. Log on to the currently active daemon server and run the following:
    dmcluster setmaster

    The Data Mover components are restarted on the currently active server and stopped on the standby server. Sync monitor starts when the Data Mover cluster is in active mode.

    You can use the setmaster command any number of times without modifying the file on the server.

  3. From the active daemon server, run dmcluster status to verify all services are running as expected.
    It may take a few minutes for all services to transition. Run dmcluster status as needed until the results are as expected. Monitor progress in dmFailover.log on the currently active daemon and monitor servers.
    If the Data Mover cluster is in standby mode, a failover has occurred. When the cluster is in standby mode, you can only restart services on the designated-standby daemon server. For more information about switching the Data Mover cluster back to active mode after a failover, see Failing Back to the Designated-Active Daemon