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You can encrypt data during a transfer. Data can be encrypted at the system, job, and object level by using either the system level property job.databaseClientEncryption, or the job and object level property db_client_encryption.

Client encryption behaves differently depending on the force_utility selected:
Utility Behavior
TPTAPI Data is encrypted during transfer.
QueryGrid or JDBC Only the connection between the source and target system is encrypted, not the data.

Scope Levels and Priority Logic

The following table shows the objects included at each scope level, and the priority logic applied if you specify different values at the scope levels. If you set the database client encryption flag at more than one scope level, the smallest scope has the highest priority. For example, if you set job.databaseClientEncryption to true at the system level, but false at the job level, the data transfer for this is not encrypted.
Scope Level Objects Compared Priority
Object The specified table or view Highest
Job All tables and views in the job High
Daemon All tables and views processed by a specific daemon Low