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October 2021
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Check if user and roles specified in the header have the necessary permissions for jobs, daemon advanced settings, and daemon access using the following URL and method:
Item Description
URL /datamover/permissions
Method POST
When security is enabled, only a Viewpoint or command line admin can check daemon access and daemon advanced permissions. Non-admin users can only check job permissions.

Request Header

Description: Basic header authentication
User must be dmcl_admin if call is from Viewpoint.
JSON Data Type: String
Required: Yes
Description: Viewpoint user login
JSON Data Type: String
Required: No, unless call is made from Viewpoint
Description: Roles associated with Viewpoint user login
JSON Data Type: String, separated by commas when more than one role exists
Required: No, unless call is made from Viewpoint

Request Parameters

logic (not currently available)
Description: What logic to use to combine permissions when multiple permissions exist
JSON Data Type: String, valid values are and or or
Required: No
Description: A list of permissions or actions the user or roles currently has
Currently only one permission is allowed in the list.
JSON Data Type: String
Required: Yes

Response Parameters

No response parameters required.


The following example checks if a user or role specified in the header has daemon_access permissions:
 {"enumerate": true,
The following example lists a true response for a user or role having daemon_access permissions:
{ "result" : true,
   "permissions" : [ {
                                "resource" : "tdrn:datamover:daemon_access:*",
                                "actions" : [ "read", "write", "execute" ]
                              } ]