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October 2021
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You can run a job as originally created, or you can specify new job variable values or an updated parameters.xml file at runtime or you can run a job which never exists with a set of job parameters from commandline or parameters.xml.

  1. Type datamove start -job_name PayableJob1, where PayableJob1 is the job name generated when the job was created, and continue with Step 2, if applicable.
  2. [Optional] To make any changes in the original job definition, type the parameters followed by their new values or type -f followed by the XML file with the updated parameter values.
  3. [Optional] To create and run a job which does exists before, type the set of parameters and values or type -f followed by the XML file. The paramters provided are used to create this job. If parameters provided are not enough to create a job, the error message "Error: Job does not exist and not enough objects were selected to create a new job." is displayed.