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October 2021
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You can copy join and hash indexes as part of a full database copy using DSA, but not as part of a full database relocation where the target database name is not the same as the source database name. Copying a database with join or hash indexes on the target, but no corresponding indexes on the source, re-creates the target indexes after the entire database is copied, if any indexes exist on the target database.

To copy join and hash indexes when copying an entire database using DSA, set the optional database.copy.joinIndex configuration property to true as shown in the following sample configuration.xml:
    <description>Purpose: If set to true, all Join Index and Hash Index associated with a table will automatically be copied to the target when copying the table between DBS version 13.0 or higher. This parameter is only used to support previous functionality of Data Mover. The default is false.</description>
DSA automatically copies join or hash indexes when the source or target database version is earlier than 16.20 regardless of the database.copy.joinIndex value.