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October 2021
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You can exclude one or more tables from being copied from the source to the target when you copy an entire database using DSA.

If the EXCLUDE TABLE clause is too long for the SQL buffer, an error occurs. The buffer length limit depends on how much data already exists in the SQL buffer. If an error occurs, modify the EXCLUDE TABLE list by reducing its size before resubmitting the job.

  1. Open the parameters.xml file that has the job definition information for the job.
  2. Under the database name, add the selection="excluded" attribute to the table element.
  3. Add a <name> element and enter the name of the table to be excluded.
In the following example, all tables except DBName.Orders and DBName.Accounts are copied to the target.
<database selection="included">
	 <table selection="excluded">
	 <table selection="excluded">