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You can also specify values for staging and target database tags at the system level. Specify at the system level by executing the save_configuration command, the same command used to set other Data Mover configuration properties.

When staging_database, staging_database_for_table, source_staging_database, target_staging_database, and target_database tag values are specified at the system level, Data Mover applies them to all table objects included in the job request.

A property named system.default.database.enabled controls the system level default values for the target and staging databases. For each target system, you can set three values for the default databases. Within the systemLevelDatabase element, the system tag is mandatory and the databases tags are all optional. The following is an example of the new property in the save_configuration XML file:

			<system>targetSystem1</system> <!-- Tdpid here -->
			<!-- only specify the target database for targetSystem2 -->
		<description>Purpose: Enable/Disable the default target/staging
databases at the system level. Default value false means disabled.</