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You can use the foreign tables option in the database to access native object stores. Data Mover can copy the definitions of a foreign table from one database to another using the same syntax as used when copying a normal table object. Foreign table definitions can be copied as a single table or be included in an entire database copy.

Considerations when copying foreign tables are as follows:
  • Only foreign table definitions can be copied
  • Foreign tables can be copied along with regular tables
  • Foreign table definition copy occurs at the post data move step
  • Data is not copied with the foreign tables option, therefore, there are no utility requirements
  • Only a few table-level properties are supported when copying foreign tables:
    • Rename
    • Relocate
    • MAPs
    • compare_ddl
    • copyStats

    Any properties not listed above are not supported when copying foreign tables, such as staging database, row count validation, and so forth.

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