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October 2021
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User Guide
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You can copy data, statistics, or both data and statistics for hash or join indexes to a target Teradata system. You can also give indexes a different name or copy them to a different database on the target.
  1. In the Objects tab, click "" to expand the tree.
  2. Click "" to expand a database or user object where the join or hash index is located.
  3. To filter so only hash indexes or join indexes display, do the following:
    1. Click "" and clear all check marks except for Join Index or Hash Index.
    2. Move the cursor off of the object-types filter to refresh the tree with indexes in the sub-branch.
  4. Click "" to display the index settings dialog box.
    The name of the index displays at the top of the dialog box.
  5. [Optional] From the Copy the following list, select an option for the copy job:
    • Only definition
    • Only statistics
    • Both definition and statistics
  6. [Optional] To use an alternate name for the index on the target database, enter the name in the Rename to box.
  7. [Optional] To map to a different database on the target, click "" next to Map to a different database on target.
    You can use the filter to display only the items that match the characters you enter.
  8. [Optional] To select the table associated with the index:
    1. Click Browse.
    2. Click "" to expand the tree.
    3. Click "" to expand one or more sub-branches.
    4. Click "" in the sub-branch to display the object-types filter. Filter the sub-branch by selecting Table.
    5. Select one or more tables associated with the index.
    6. Click Select at the bottom of the SELECT ASSOCIATED TABLES view to complete the table selection.
      The results of your selection appear in a summary table that lists the database and table associated with the index.
  9. Select OK.