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October 2021
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You can copy all the objects from a source to a target database without specifying each object in the database when using Teradata DSA. This is a useful alternative to specifying a copy of individual tables, especially when the database has a large number of objects. When copying the entire database to a target, you can do any or all of the following:
  • Exclude specific tables from being copied
  • Rename tables to be copied in the target
  • Copy partial table data
  • Copy join and hash indexes
  • Copy triggers
  • Enable the compare DDL feature for all tables to be copied
  • Disable the compare DDL feature for selected tables to be copied
  • Rename and relocate hash and join indexes
  • Copy entire databases and all their children
  • Exclude child databases from being copied
  • Rename tables in a child database
  • Copy specific tables in a child database
  • Copy to a different target database
  • Copy a parent database with its children, but relocate a child database to a different database on the target

Rules and Restrictions

  • If a job copies the entire database using Teradata DSA and the database has tables with foreign keys, the target tables are created without foreign keys.
  • You can only copy an entire database between Teradata Database systems using the DSA utility.
  • Teradata PT API operators and Teradata JDBC utility do not support copying an entire database.
  • The specified target database must exist and have adequate space.
  • When using DSA to copy an entire database on which statistics have been collected, the statistics of all objects within the database are copied regardless of the copyStats attribute.