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October 2021
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User Guide
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Data Mover allows you to disable fallback when copying objects between source and target systems. When source objects have FALLBACK enabled and the Data Mover job is replacing or creating the object on the target side. You have the following options when setting fallback in list_configuration:
Value Description
job.noFallback is set to true Fallback is disabled for the objects created in the target system.
job.noFallback is set to false Objects created on the target system match the fallback status of the source objects.

Rules and Restrictions

  • If the objects being copied already exist on the target system with FALLBACK enabled and job.noFallback is set to true, the NO FALLBACK setting is ignored. The exception is when running a DSA job, in that case, the setting is applied and the objects on the target system are copied with NO FALLBACK.
  • If the job.nofallback setting is changed, any jobs using freeze_job_steps ignore the new setting until the job steps are manually updated.