Report Job Status using QueryGrid Manager (QGM) | Teradata Data Mover - 17.11 - Using QueryGrid Manager to Report Job Status - Teradata Data Mover

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October 2021
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QueryGrid Manager is a component of Teradata QueryGrid™ 2.0 that manages all QueryGrid systems. Data Mover uses the QueryGrid Manager REST service to report T2T progress. Configure the following properties in the configuration.xml file to view job status:
  1. Enter either the queryGridManagerPassword or the queryGridManagerEncryptedPassword to access the QueryGrid Manager REST service.
  2. Enter the queryGridManagerUser user.
    The default user is Support. The username must be the same in QueryGrid Manager and Data Mover.
  3. Set to true to wait until job status is returned from QueryGrid.
    Data Mover pulls the job status from QueryGrid Manager, but cannot always report the final status due to a delay from the QueryGrid REST service. When the final status is not available and is set to false, Data Mover displays the status as N/A. When is set to true, Data Mover continues to request the status until the final status is returned or a timeout occurs. This impacts job completion time.
        <description>Purpose: Set Querygrid Manager user encrypted password, cannot provided together with queryGridManagerPassword</description>
        <description>Purpose: Set Querygrid Manager user password, cannot provided together with queryGridManagerEncryptedPassword</description>
        <description>Purpose: Set Querygrid Manager user, default value is support.</description> 
        <description>Purpose: Set if need to wait for Querygrid Manager to return final task status. There will be performance impact when set to true.</description>