Fix Broken Sync Service with HA | Teradata Data Mover - 17.11 - Fixing Sync Service with High Availability - Teradata Data Mover

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October 2021
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The automatic failover feature uses the synchronization service, which uses Postgres Logical Replication to synchronize the designated-active and designated-standby repositories.

If the underlying synchronization service is broken in a high-availability environment, use dmcluster switchback to re-configure and re-synchronize the repositories.

  1. Perform the following, based on the TVI alert received when server management logging is enabled:
    TVI Alert Action
    4604001 or 4604003 These alerts are indicative of a broken sync configuration.
    4604002 This alert is triggered when the replication process has had significant delays and the designated-standby repository can no longer keep up with the designated-active repository.