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All Data Mover command line interface commands have an associated XML type which uses the naming convention dmcommandname. Search the Data Mover XML schema file for the top-level XML type for each command. The top-level tag indicates the associated subtypes to review. The XML schema file lists the parameters in the required order that those parameters must be entered in the parameters.xml file. Parameter order is important when passing parameters through an XML file to the Data Mover command line interface. Refer to the Data Mover XML schema at Data Mover XML Schemas to review the required order of parameters.
Parameters may be in any order when providing parameters directly on the command line when using the Data Mover command line interface. For example, datamove status -job_namejob1 - output_level 4 is the same as datamove status -output_level4 - job_namejob1.
The following chart shows commands commonly provided in the parameters.xml file and their associated XML tags.
Command Schema Object
create dmCreate
create_event_table dmCreateEventTable
edit dmEdit
modify_event_table dmModifyEventTable
move dmCreate
save_configuration dmSaveConfiguration
start dmStart