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October 2021
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You can add Data Mover server metrics to the Viewpoint Monitoring portlet, including CPU Usage, Memory Buffers, Memory Free, and many more. The tmsmonitor service must be running on the Data Mover server to view the metrics.
  1. In the Viewpoint Administration view, select Monitored Systems.
  2. Click next to Systems, and select Add Managed System.
  3. Enter the system and login information.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Teradata Viewpoint portal page , click next to Add Content.
  6. Click Viewpoint Monitoring, and then click Add.
    The Viewpoint Monitoring window appears on the page, with the CPU System: percent metric included by default.
  7. Click "" in the portlet frame and select Settings.
  8. Click to add a metric to the Viewpoint Monitoring portlet.
  9. [Optional] Click to remove a metric from the Viewpoint Monitoring portlet.
  10. Select OK.