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October 2021
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When moving data from the source to a target system, use the same session character set to avoid data corruption. In certain conditions with Teradata PT API or JDBC, using different session character sets can convert the data from one encoding to another. Data Mover allows different source and target session character sets. A new default configuration parameter disables this feature. To create and execute jobs with a different source and target session character set, change the default value of this configuration parameter first. This guards against accidentally converting data when it is copied to the target system.

Use this feature with extreme care.

To enable this feature, set the property to true in the save_configuration command, as shown in the example below.

	<description>Purpose: Determines whether or not specifying different source and target session character sets in a job is allowed. Default value false means this is not allowed.</description>

When different session character sets are specified in a job definition, Data Mover chooses Teradata PT API over DSA when a value for the utility method is not specified. DSA does not really "convert" the data in this scenario and you may want the data converted if different source/target session character sets are specified in the job. If required, you can force Data Mover to use DSA.