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Teradata® Data Mover User Guide - 20.01

Teradata Data Mover
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November 2023
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Data Mover supports the Teradata MAPS Architecture feature (MAPS) map and colocate parameters when copying the following objects:
  • Table
  • Index (hash or join)
  • Foreign server – data transfers using the following utilities:
    • JDBC
    • TPTAPI
    • T2T
The following table describes where you can specify the map and colocate parameters. They are listed in the order of parameter priority:
Level Description
Object Uses the map and colocate parameters for the specified object (table, index, or foreign server).
Database Uses the map and colocate parameters for all specified objects within the database.
Job Uses the map and colocate parameters for all objects in the specified job.
System Uses the system-level map for all jobs, which uses the specified system as the target system.

Rules and Restrictions

  • The map and colocate parameters are not supported in databases prior to Teradata Database 16.10.
  • The target user must have permissions on target maps.
  • The target default map is the help session map when the object owner and target login user are the same, or the map is null for the target owner. When the target object owner and the user are different, the system uses the map of the target owner as the target default map. The help session is a query which displays information on the current session, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities guide.
  • Creating a colocate name is only allowed for sparse maps and can be any valid name, the default name is DatabaseName_TableName.
  • DSA supports user-defined map values when copying tables, but does not support user-defined colocate values. When a map is not specified, DSA tries to find a map on the target system with a similar definition as the source table. If no map is found or user does not have permissions for sparse maps, DSA uses the default map.
  • When DDL is enabled, make sure the following map and colocate parameters match:
    • If map and colocate parameters exist on the source and target systems, they should match.
    • If map and colocate parameters are provided in a job, then they should match the map and colocate parameters on the target system.

XML Examples

Specify system level map parameters through configuration.xml and save using the save_configuration command:
Specify job level map and colocate parameters for create or edit jobs:
	. . . . . .
	. . . . . .
Specify database level map and colocate parameters as shown in the following example:
<database selection="unselected">
	. . . . . .
	. . . . . .

To specify table, index (hash and join) and foreign server level map and colocate parameters, refer to their respective sections in this guide.