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Teradata® Data Mover User Guide - 20.01

Teradata Data Mover
Release Number
November 2023
English (United States)
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Analytical Ecosystem

You can display the basic syntax structure and view a list and brief description of all of the commands available in the Data Mover command-line interface.

You can also specify a command name to view more detailed information about the command, including a syntax example and a list and description of each of the parameters associated with the command.

  1. Type datamove --help in the command line, and do one of the following:
    Option Description
    View all commands
    • Press Enter to view a list and brief description of all of the commands.
    View a specific command
    • Add a specific command name to view information about a particular command, including a list of its parameters.
    • Press Enter.

For example, for information about the create command, type datamove --help create and press Enter. The following is displayed:

Data Mover Command Line
Connected to Daemon version
create - Create Command

Creates a job on the DM Daemon based on the information from the arguments and the parameter file

datamove create -job_name job1 -f parameters.xml

Parameter                               Example                                 Description
colocate                                col1                                    (Optional) Defines the colocate name for contiguous map used for the job.
compare_ddl                             true                                    (Optional) Designates whether to compare DDL for the source and target objects specified.
copy_stats                              true                                    (Optional) Set to enable copy the statistics for the job.
data_streams                            4                                       (Optional) Number of data streams to use
db_client_encryption                    true                                    (Optional) set if job need to encrypted during data transfer.                        https://dm-server1:1443/datamover       (Optional) Enter a Data Mover REST server URL to overwrite the default value specified in
                                                                                the file in order to connect to a different REST server (and
                                                                                therefore a different daemon) at runtime.
force_utility                           dsa                                     (Optional) Force DM to use a specific utility for all DM operations
freeze_job_steps                        true                                    (Optional) Freezes the job steps so that they are not recreated each time the job is
                                                                                started. Only set to true if the source and target environments do not change after the
                                                                                job is created.
job_name                                job1                                    (Optional) Name for the job, must be unique. Generated if unspecified
job_priority                            MEDIUM                                  (Optional) Execution priority for job. HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW. Default is MEDIUM.
log_level                               2                                       (Optional) Log level to output a log file
log_to_event_table                      event1                                  (Optional) Specifies the event table to be used for this job.
map                                     TD_MAP1                                 (Optional) Defines the map for the job.
max_agents_per_task                     4                                       (Optional) Max number of agents to use in parallel for each table/database being moved
netrace                                 21                                      (Optional) cli netrace parameter value.
netrace_buf_len                         0                                       (Optional) cli netrace_buf_len parameter value.
overwrite_existing_objects              true                                    (Optional) Overwrites objects that already exist on the target
parallel_builds                         5                                       (Optional) The number of index and fallback sub-tables that can be built concurrently
                                                                                during a restore. The maximum number of concurrent builds is 5, default is 5.
query_band                              AppName=B;                              (Optional) QueryBand passed to the Database as a list of name=value pairs in a string.
response_timeout                        60                                      (Optional) Amount of time to wait for Daemon response in seconds
security_password                       53cUr17y                                (Optional) Password for the super user. Only used if security management is enabled.
security_password_encrypted             052c7aabd1..                            (Optional) Encrypted password for the super user. Only used if security management is
security_username                       dmcl_admin                              (Optional) User ID of the super user. Only used if security management is enabled.
source_account_id                       account_id                              (Optional) Source Teradata logon account ID
source_logon_mechanism                  NTLM                                    (Optional) Mechanism to use when logging onto source system
source_logon_mechanism_data             joe@domain1                             (Optional) Additional parameters for the logon mechanism being used
source_password                         123456789                               (Optional) Source Teradata logon password
source_password_encrypted               052c7aabd1..                            (Optional) Source Teradata encrypted logon password.
source_session_charset                  KANJIEUC_0U                             (Optional) Source session character set
source_sessions                         4                                       (Optional) Number of session on the source
source_staging_database                 db1                                     (Optional) source staging database name
source_tdpid                            Checks                                  Source Teradata database
source_user                             TD_API_user                             (Optional) Source Teradata logon id
source_userid_pool                      pool-1                                  (Optional) Job pulls the user from the specified credential pool. Only available for
                                                                                Teradata systems.
staging_database                        staging_db                              (Optional) Specifies the target staging database.
staging_database_for_table              staging_db                              (Optional) Specifies the target staging database.
sync                                    N/A                                     (Optional) Waits for the entire job to complete whether it fails or succeeds
table                                   DB1.TABLE                               (Optional) Table to be copied
target_account_id                       account_id                              (Optional) Target Teradata logon account ID
target_database                         db1                                     (Optional) target database name
target_group_name                       my_target_group                         (Optional) Specifies a shared pipe target group to run DSA jobs instead of having Data
                                                                                Mover automatically select one. If the specified target group does not exist, the job
target_logon_mechanism                  NTLM                                    (Optional) Mechanism to use when logging onto target system
target_logon_mechanism_data             joe@domain1                             (Optional) Additional parameters for the logon mechanism being used
target_password                         123456789                               (Optional) Target Teradata logon password
target_password_encrypted               052c7aabd1..                            (Optional) Target Teradata encrypted logon password.
target_session_charset                  KANJIEUC_0U                             (Optional) Source session character set
target_sessions                         4                                       (Optional) Number of session on the target
target_staging_database                 db1                                     (Optional) target staging database name
target_tdpid                            Leo                                     Target Teradata database
target_user                             TD_API_user                             (Optional) Target Teradata logon id
target_userid_pool                      pool-1                                  (Optional) Job pulls the user from the specified credential pool. Only available for
                                                                                Teradata systems.
tpt_debug                               1                                       (Optional) tptapi trace debug parameter value.
uowid                                   uowid                                   (Optional) Unit of work id to identify the job execution.
use_foreign_server                      foreign_server1                         (Optional) Specifies a foreign server that was previously created to move data.
use_source_staging_table                true                                    (Optional) Enables the use of source staging table.
use_userid_pool                         false                                   (Optional) Enables User ID pool for the job.
ir_allow_write                          UNSPECIFIED                             (optional) set if tables are writable while DSA incremental restore is running.
ir_execution_type                       UNSPECIFIED                             (optional) set DSA job incremental restore execution type. The valid values are: FULL or
enable_incremental_restore              UNSPECIFIED                             (optional) indicates if this job is enabled to copy data using DSA incremental restore.
foreign_server_on_target                UNSPECIFIED                             (optional) appears if the foreign server exist on target server.