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Teradata® Data Mover User Guide - 20.01

Teradata Data Mover
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November 2023
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Data Mover commands can be categorized as two major types:
Command Description
Setup Commands Enables you to set up and configure the Data Mover system, including the daemon and agents. This functionality corresponds to that provided by the Data Mover Setup portlet.
Job Management Commands Enables you to create, run, monitor, update, and delete jobs. This functionality corresponds to that provided by the Data Mover portlet.
The following table describes the administration and configuration Data Mover commands.
Command Name Description
backup_daemon Performs a backup of the Data Mover and Cloud Staging Copy Service repository.
create_cloud_staging Create a cloud staging area to be used for a Data Mover cloud staging copy jobs.
create_event_table Creates an event table for logging Teradata Ecosystem Manager events.
delete_cloud_staging Deletes the specified cloud staging area.
delete_event_table Deletes an event table.
edit_cloud_staging Edits the specified cloud staging area.
get_cloud_staging Gets the details of the specified cloud staging area.
help Displays a brief description of all of the commands, and allows you to view further details about each, including its parameters.
list_agents Lists the Data Mover agents connected to the Data Mover daemon.
list_cloud_staging Lists the existing cloud staging areas.
list_configuration Outputs configuration and performance settings for the Data Mover daemon.
list_event_table Lists all existing event tables.
modify_admin_password Changes the password for the super user. By default, the password for the super user is dmcl_admin. The user ID of the super user is dmcl_admin and cannot be changed.
modify_event_table Changes the user name or user password for an existing event table.
restore_daemon Restores previously backed up Data Mover daemon repository, Cloud Staging Copy Service repository, and properties files.
save_configuration Saves the information in the configuration file that was created by the list_configuration command to the Data Mover daemon.
The following table describes the job management and reporting commands.
Command Name Description
cleanup Cleans up Teradata DSA, Teradata PT API, and Teradata JDBC tasks from a job that failed or was stopped before completing successfully.
create Creates a copy job based on the syntax parameters and the object list.
delete_job Deletes the specified job.
edit Changes the definition for the specified job name.
encrypt_password Creates an encrypted password from a password entered as a parameter on the command line, interactively, or through an XML file with a specific format.
list_job_definition Lists the specified job definition.
list_jobs Displays a list of all jobs that have run on the Data Mover daemon with the specified status mode. Job definitions are not displayed.
list_job_steps Displays all of the steps in a job plan.
list_tasks Lists the status of all active tasks from all jobs currently in the RUNNING state.
move Creates a job to copy specified database objects from one database to another, then starts the job immediately.
restart Restarts a job that has failed.
start Starts a job that was created with the create command.
status Displays the status of a specified job.
stop Stops a running job.
update_job_priorities Updates priority for one or more jobs in queue using only the parameters.xml file; not available directly in the command line.
update_job_steps Refreshes the job steps of a specified job.