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You can edit an existing job definition for a given job name using the same job parameters supported by the create command, except for the job_name and table parameters. If security management is enabled, you must meet the following conditions for the job:
  • Have write permission
  • Be either the job owner or be part of the Viewpoint administrator role
Spaces in the user or account name for the source or target ID cause jobs to fail.

Each job definition is associated with a job name. Each time you run a job using a particular job definition, you create an instance of the job with that name. If you run a job more than one time, you create multiple instances of the job based on that job definition. When you edit a job, you edit the underlying job definition, as well as all the instances of the job based on that job definition.

  1. Type datamove edit -job_name Job1 on the command line, where Job1 is the job name displayed when the job was created, followed by the parameters with the necessary changes.
    For example, typing datamove edit -job_name PayableJob1 -log_level 99 -job_priority High changes the level of logging to 99 and the execution priority for PayableJob1 to HIGH.
    You can also supply new job variables by modifying the XML file and submitting it to the edit command, just as you can using the create command.
The following are considerations for security and modifying object names:
  • If you are not the job owner and you want to change the existing job object list, you must enter credentials for the source and target systems.
  • You can modify the list of objects being moved in a job using the XML file method only.
  • When modifying any list of objects, you must supply the entire updated list of all objects in the job definition. If an object or object parameter specified in the original job definition is not included in the modified list, that object or object parameter is removed from the job definition. For example, if the created job has a list of tables and views and in the edited job only the view objects are specified, then the updated edited job will only have views specified.
  • If no objects are listed, it is assumed that there is no update to the original object list.