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Teradata® Data Mover User Guide - 20.01

Teradata Data Mover
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November 2023
English (United States)
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Analytical Ecosystem
Teradata Ecosystem Manager can be used to monitor Data Mover jobs. It is not enabled by default. To enable this feature, perform the following:
  1. Run the list_configuration command.
  2. In the resulting XML file, modify the tmsm.mode property. Change value to BOTH, ONLY_REAL_TMSM, or ONLY_INTERNAL_TMSM.
  3. Run save_configuration to save the configuration.
    If tmsm.mode is set to ONLY_REAL_TMSM, Teradata Ecosystem Manager is notified of all events. If tmsm.mode is set to ONLY_INTERNAL_TMSM, events are stored in the TMSMEVENT table.

The following is an overview of the events to expect as a job runs:

  • As a job starts, START events with ResourceType DM_PROCESS_SOURCE and DM_PROCESS_TARGET are logged.
  • A job can contain multiple tasks. START events are logged for each task, with different ResourceTypes corresponding to the type of task being performed
  • Some long-running task types provide additional information with STEP events. The AffectedDatabaseName and AffectedTableName columns indicate the object being worked on. Incremental status information is stored in the UOWHealthStr column. UOWHealthAmt remains 0 until actions on an object complete, at which time UOWHealthAmt indicates the number of rows copied. The UOWHealthAmt should match on the source and target. A mismatch usually indicates a problem.
    Tasks with type of SELECT_INSERT report only the number of bytes copied for large objects (LOBs) in the UOWHealthStr column. It is normal to see 0 bytes copied for tables that do not contain any LOBs for SELECT_INSERT tasks.
  • At the end of a task, END events are logged with the total number of rows and bytes copied.
  • At the end of a job, END events with ResourceType of DM_PROCESS_SOURCE and DM_PROCESS_TARGET are logged, and a HCHK event indicates successful completion.
  • If the job cannot complete successfully, an ALERT event is logged with the error message in the EventMsg column and corresponding error code in the AlertCode column.

Teradata PT API sends its own events to Teradata Ecosystem Manager by default. To prevent sending duplicate events to Teradata Ecosystem Manager, Data Mover prevents Teradata PT API from sending its own events when the utility runs in Data Mover jobs. In those situations, only the Data Mover daemon is able to send events to Teradata Ecosystem Manager.

The events that are sent to Teradata Ecosystem Manager can also be sent to an external SQL table for additional processing. For more information, see Using Event Tables.