Multiple Simultaneous Session Pools - Teradata Director Program

Teradata® Director Program Reference - 17.20

Teradata Director Program
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June 2022
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Many session pools can exist at the same time, each having a unique logon string. The logon string contains a logon id, password, and, optionally, an account identifier.

Several pools can be established using the same logon id and password, but with different accounting information. The same logon string can be used to establish a number of pools, each devoted exclusively to the applications that belong to a different job.

For example, a logon string might be used to establish one session pool for a CICS job, another pool for another job. Thus, each pool would be considered to have specific job or session attributes.

When an application logs on, the following verification process occurs:

  1. The logon string of the application is checked to determine whether it matches that of any established pool.
    IF TDP . . . THEN it . . .
    detects a matching logon string checks the pool to determine whether there is are specific job or session attributes.
    IF there is . . . THEN the . . .
    are specific job or session attributes that match that of the application application is assigned a session from the pool if there is a session available.
    are no specific job or session attributes search continues to determine whether any other existing pool has both the logon string and specific job or session attributes that match the application.

    If no pool is found, and if there is an available pool, then TDP assigns a session from the pool with the matching logon string and no specific job or session attributes.

    does not detect a matching logon string TDP sends the logon for the application to the database.
  2. TDP assigns a session pool.
    IF a matching pool is found and . . . THEN TDP . . .
    there is no session available in the pool to satisfy the application’s logon request rejects the request with an error message.
    sessions are available assigns the application a session.
    it has a specific job or session attributes and no available sessions or the pool is disabled rejects a logon request with a matching logon string and job.

    This is true even if there exists another pool with the same logon string and available sessions, but no specific job or session attributes.