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Teradata® MultiLoad Reference - 20.00

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October 2023
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The following table describes the things to consider when using the LOGTABLE command.

LOGTABLE Usage Notes 
Topic Usage Notes
Changing the dbname Specification The LOGTABLE dbname option must be used to change the dbname specification for a Teradata MultiLoad operation. A subsequent Teradata SQL DATABASE statement, which must appear after the LOGTABLE/LOGON command, to change the dbname specification cannot be used.
Dropping the Restart Log Table In the case of a paused Teradata MultiLoad job, do not drop the restart log table until Teradata MultiLoad completes the import or delete task.

For more information, see Implications of Dropping Required Teradata MultiLoad-Created Tables.

Maintaining the Restart Log Table Teradata MultiLoad automatically maintains the restart log table. If the table is manipulated in any way, the restart capability is invalidated.

The only valid user maintenance function is to drop the restart log table. Never delete rows from the table.

The Restart Log Table The table specified as the Teradata MultiLoad restart log table does not have to be fully qualified.
Sharing the Restart Log Table Do not share the restart log table between two or more Teradata MultiLoad jobs. Each Teradata MultiLoad job must have its own restart log table to ensure that the job runs correctly.

If a distinct restart log table is not used for each Teradata MultiLoad job, the results are unexpected. One or more of the affected jobs may not be able to be restarted.

Specifying a New or Existing Table If a table that does not exist is specified, Teradata MultiLoad creates the table and uses it as the restart log during this invocation of the utility.

If a table that already exists is specified, then Teradata MultiLoad checks the table to determine whether the current invocation of the utility is a restart operation.

Using LOGTABLE with the LOGON command Both the LOGTABLE and LOGON command are required.

LOGTABLE and LOGON commands may appear in any order, but must precede other commands except RUN commands used to identify the file containing the LOGON command.

If the LOGON command is entered first, Teradata MultiLoad warns that the LOGTABLE command is also required.

The following example presents both the LOGTABLE and LOGON commands as they typically occur.

.logtable Mine.Logtable001;
.logon tdpx/me,paswd;