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Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide - 17.20

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Each Teradata PT job returns exit codes indicating the success or failure of the job or job step.

You can determine the exit code in the following ways:

  • Monitor the console display to see how each job step runs. An exit code is returned at the successful completion of each step.
  • Check the console display when the job completes to see the exit code for the entire job. The exit code at the end of the job is the highest level of error that occurred during execution of the job, and may not represent the level of errors or warnings that occurred within individual job steps.

The following table describes Teradata PT exit codes:

Code Description
Exit Code = 0 The Teradata PT job or job step completed successfully with at most, minor warnings.
Exit Code = 4 The Teradata PT job or job step completed successfully, but issued one or more warnings.
Exit Code = 8 A user error, such as a syntax error in the script, terminated the job.
Exit Code = 12 A fatal error terminated the job.

A fatal error is any error other than a user error, for example:

  • Incompatible data types encountered during reading of data sources.
  • Data errors exceeding the value specified in the ErrorLimit attribute.
  • Insufficient system resources, such as shared memory or semaphores, to execute the job.

Observe the following when evaluating exit codes:

  • Even though a job runs to completion, it may experience errors or warnings that require further action. Be sure to check the job logs and error tables of completed jobs to identify any errors or warnings that may have occurred, so that you can determine whether or not any action is required.

    For information on the types of warnings that may occur and actions that may be required on successful jobs Strategies for Evaluating a Successful Job.

  • If the tbuild -n option is used, it allows the Teradata PT job to continue even if there is a failure (an exit code of 8 or 12) in one of the steps.

    For details on how to use -n to specify that the job can continue when an exit code of 8 or 12 is returned, see Setting tbuild Options.