Changes and Additions - Teradata Viewpoint - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
Release Number
April 2024
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem
Date Release Description
April 2024
  • Updates to signed certificate response.
  • Changing host to CMIC server.
  • Changes to Stats and PDCR jobs in clustered environment.
  • Included information on enabling LDAP Database user alerts.
October 2023
  • Included default alert for backup failure.
  • Included TDMaps information.
  • Included Parsing Time alerts information.
  • Included Logical I/O information.
April 2023
  • Included metric analysis for one hour interval.
  • Included lockout details.
  • Included deleted users audit trial details.
  • Included CPU I/O Wait metric for Node and Vproc Alert Types.
October 2022
  • Introduced the option to send TASM alerts to database (business) users directly, and added an example.
  • Added the notification alert configuration to notify the upcoming expiry dates of certificates in the Teradata Viewpoint key store.
  • Added the capability of User Details View to show the user details audit and roles audit information.
May 2022
  • Added the time unit of Move Duration in the exported Workflow Actions metrics
  • Added information about the disk space alert notification on the Viewpoint dashboard
  • Added a note about the bridge information for the QueryGrid Manager 2.18
  • Described the detailed view of any SQL log
  • Updated Status metric description for node and Vproc alert types
February 2022
  • Added Defer Time metric under session alert type
  • Added ENABLED CPU metric, and added tooltip content for other metrics in Viewpoint dashboard
  • Added two new options under the Session Alert to cancel blocked and blocking sessions
  • Updated alert configuration under Backup portlet
  • Updated utility classification type to allow meters
  • Added a check-box "Actual Client IP Address" under Request Source Classification
  • Updated the supported web browsers version for Viewpoint portal
October 2021
  • Updated Daily Jobs in the Configuring Jobs section
  • Updated Installing a Certificate from a Certificate Signing Request under the HTTPS Connections section
July 2021 Administration Portlets updated with information on VP_User_Manager role
April 2021
  • Added Alerts information in Stats Manager.
  • Arrival Rate Monitor updates made in Workload Designer,Workload Monitor Portlet, My Queries, Query Groups, Query Monitor, and Viewpoint Dashboard along with updated images.
  • Bridge information updated in Query Monitor and Completed Queries.
  • Updates made in Administration Portlets under Metrics for Alert Types.
January 2021
  • Updated the Disk usage option in the Monitored Systems portlet to specify Viewpoint DB Disk Usage, and changed the functionality to reflect total disk usage.
  • For TMSMonitor, HTTPS is enabled by default and HTTP connection is no longer supported.
September 2020
  • Added Cumulative Error Count to Stats Manager metrics.
  • Added instructions to configure cleanup of space usage collector tables.
June 2020
  • Removed references to Presto as it is no longer supported.
  • Added support for disabling HTTP for TMSMonitor on a managed system.
  • Added support to generate Elastic Performance On Demand interval reporting at ten-minute intervals.
January 2020
  • Added table of Data Collector Sample Rates for Teradata Machine Learning Engine.
  • Added Supported Web Browsers for Viewpoint Portal and Supported Web Browsers for Viewpoint Mobile sections.
November 2019 Added support for JWT integration with Vantage.
August 2019 Added TD_Webservices. Removed Presto from Monitored Systems portlet.
April 2019 Added new user alert selection in the Monitored Systems portlet. Changed viewable information in MAPS Manager portlet.
February 2019 Added new selection tool to MAPS Manager portlet.
January 2019
  • Added Machine Learning Engine metrics.
  • Added Session view to Machine Learning Engine.
December 2018 Updated alert metrics.
October 2018
  • Added information about reclaiming disk space.
  • Added information about converting pre-expansion workflows.
September 2018
  • Added information about elastic TCore configuration.
  • Added information about pre-expansion workflows.
July 2018 Added information about Teradata Machine Learning Engine and system selection. Updated portlet controls.
June 2018 Added overview of Viewpoint RESTful APIs and support for certificates using Subject Alternative Names.
May 2018 Added group alerting user sessions into a single email.
April 2018 Added Teradata Machine Learning Engine. Enhanced System Workload Report.
February 2018 Updated HTTPS connections.
November 2017 Removed External Content portlet.
October 2017 16.20 Initial release.