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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

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April 2024
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The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator or Teradata System Administrator must define a login configuration before you can create an action set that runs a BTEQ script or a SQL action.

A login configuration must be enabled before BTEQ scripts or SQL queries in an action set may be executed.

  1. From the Setup Options list, select Delivery Settings.
  2. From the Authentication list, select Teradata Login.
  3. From the Teradata Login list, do one of the following:
    • To add a login configuration, select "".
    • To copy a login configuration, select "" next to the login configuration you want to copy.
    • To edit a login configuration, select the login configuration name.
  4. Enter the TDPID of the database you want to log in to.
    The BTEQ scripts and SQL queries you provide as alert actions run against the TDPID you specify.
  5. Select the Enable check box to enable the login configuration.
  6. Under Login, enter a Username and associated Password to be used for BTEQ and SQL actions.
    Account String is optional.
  7. [Optional] For BTEQ, enter BTEQ Authentication Options.
    • Logmech Name is the name of the login mechanism.
    • Logmech Data is the login parameters or credentials associated with the selected login mechanism.
  8. For SQL, under JDBC Authentication Options, select the Logmech Name from the list.
    Login mechanism data is automatically generated from the user name and password, if necessary.
  9. Select the Session Character Set from the list.
  10. [Optional] To test the Teradata login:
    1. Select the login configuration you want to test from the Test Teradata Logon list. If the host name is known, it is displayed.
    2. Select Test to verify that the alert service can execute the login.

    If the operation is successful, "" appears. If the operation fails, "" appears.

    • If a JDBC login fails, verify that the alert service is running properly on the Viewpoint server.
    • If a BTEQ login fails, verify the Teradata Notification Service is running properly on the Windows or Linux server where it was installed. In addition, examine the file (Linux: /etc/opt/teradata/cam/, Windows: C:\etc\opt\teradata\cam\ to make sure that the property is set to the hostname of the Viewpoint server.
  11. Click Apply.