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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
Release Number
April 2024
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem
You can set the default locale, set the session timeout, set multiple sessions per login, enable newly created shared portlets, set to require users to use a secure connection when accessing Viewpoint, set to automatically fill login credentials, create and display a message when users log in, and set administrator alerts.
  1. For Locale, select a locale from the list.
    The default locale in Teradata Viewpoint is English (US). Changing the default locale affects all Teradata Viewpoint users who have not explicitly set a locale in their user profile.
  2. For Session Timeout, select hours and minutes.
  3. Select the Allow multiple sessions per login check box to enable a user to open two or more sessions using the same user name.
  4. Select the Enable newly created shared portlets check box if you want shared portlets to be automatically enabled when they are created.
  5. Select the Require access via HTTPS check box to require users to use a secure connection when accessing Viewpoint.
    Starting with Viewpoint, a self-signed certificate that enables HTTPS access is generated if a certificate is not found. Additionally, new installations have Require access via HTTPS enabled by default. The Require access via HTTPS setting is unchanged for existing installations. This check box is enabled only when accessing Viewpoint using a secure connection.
  6. Select or clear the Allow autofill of username and passwords check box to control the automatic completion of login credentials by the browser:
    • Select the check box to allow the login credentials to have their values automatically completed by the browser.
    • Clear the check box to prohibit the login credentials from having their values automatically completed by the browser.
  7. Select or clear the Display a message on the login screen check box to display or hide a customized message at the bottom of the Teradata Viewpoint portal login page.
    • Select the check box and type a message in the box that displays on the login page.
    • Clear the check box to hide the message on the login page.
    To test that the message displays at the bottom of the login page of the Viewpoint portal, you can log out and log back in to Viewpoint.
  8. Under Administrator Alerts, select an alert action from the Action list.
    Administrator Default is selected by default and sends an email to all users in the Administrator role.

    Instead of using the Administrator Default setting, you can select a custom action set that was created in the Alert Setup portlet.

  9. Click Apply.