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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

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April 2024
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Create a shared page when you want a role to use specific portlets, systems, and settings, or to give users a pre-defined page as a starting point.

To allow users to administer shared pages, create a role using Roles Manager and then enable the Shared Pages portlet for this role.

  1. From the Shared Pages portlet, click Add Shared Page.
  2. Enter the new page name up to 30 characters.
    Page names must be unique.
  3. Select a role to assign to the page from the list. A role cannot be changed after you create a page. Only roles that you have permission to see are displayed in the list.
    If a user with the role VP_User_Manager creates the page, only the user's role and the roles created by the user is visible to the user.
  4. Select the Enable page check box.
    Enabling a non-mandatory page makes the page available for the user to add. Enabling a mandatory page adds the page to the user's portal after it is saved.
  5. [Optional] Select the Show this page the first time a user logs in check box to display the page the first time a new Viewpoint user logs in.
  6. [Optional] Select the Read only check box to prevent users in this role from adding portlets, or making changes to the content, layout or page name of the shared page.
  7. [Optional] Select the Mandatory check box to make the shared page present in the user portal at all times.
  8. [Optional] Add a description up to 500 characters.
    The description appears in the summary view in the Shared Pages portlet.
  9. Select Create.
    The Shared page editor opens. If the page is mandatory, it automatically appears in the user's portal as soon as you click Create.
  10. Select Add Content to select the portlets you want to add to the shared page, and select Add.
    Selecting Cancel does not cancel the page creation.
    If a user with role VP_User_Manager creates the page, Bar Operations portlet, and shared bar portlets is not visible.
  11. Edit the shared page by doing any of the following:
    The Edit and preview button is selected by default. This preview mode provides a way for you to see how the page appears to the user in the target role.
    • Arrange the portlets on the page in the order they must appear to the user.
    • Select Add Content to add additional portlets, then select Add.
  12. [Optional] Configure settings not accessible to users in the target role.
    For example, if a role is not given access to change what columns are displayed, you can configure the settings for each portlet to display specific columns that you determine are needed by the role.
    1. Select "".
    2. Configure the settings for each portlet.
    3. Select Edit and preview to see how the page will appear to users in the target role.
  13. Select Save.
    Changes are committed and the new shared page appears in the summary view in the Shared Pages portlet.
Content, layout, and portlet setting changes are immediately available to users in the role. Read-only and mandatory pages automatically update the next time the user logs in or refreshes the page. Unrestricted pages must be added by the user from the add page list.