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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
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April 2024
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Analytical Ecosystem
Select metrics to appear in the summary and details views for nodes, vprocs, AMPs, and PEs.

If the processing is skewed towards one or more AMPs (that is, the parallelism is not 100%), the metrics may display a value greater than 100% do to the way the data is normalized.

Some metrics are available only in certain views.
Resource Type Graph Type View
Nodes All N
With AMPs
Without AMPs
Vprocs All V
A 1024 byte kilobyte is used as the base for all memory-related and space-related metrics that display, such as spool space, disk space, memory usage, and so on. A 1000 byte kilobyte is used as the base for all other metrics.
Metric Description Type View
AMP Count Number of AMPs on the node Number N
Available AWTs for New Work Total unused AMP worker tasks available for new work (WorkNew/Work00). The WorkNew (Work00) work type is limited by default to 50 AWTs. If 50 AWTs are already in-use servicing WorkNew message types, there may still be AWTs in the unreserved pool that under this definition will not be considered available. Number V
Available Unreserved AWTs (Teradata Database 16.0 and later) Total unused AMP worker tasks for the entire unreserved pool (all work types). This is the number of AWTs available in the unreserved pool able to be used by all work types in combination, not limited to WorkNew work types. Number V
AWTs In Use Total in-use AMP worker tasks (all work types) Number V
Clique Number The clique number of the node Number N
Cluster Number Cluster to which the AMP is assigned Number V
CPU AWT Percent of CPU usage by AMP worker tasks Percent V
CPU I/O Wait Percent of CPU resources in idle and waiting for I/O completion Number N
CPU PE Percent of CPU usage in PE dispatcher processing Percent V
CPU System Percent of CPU usage spent in user service processing Percent N, V
CPU Usage Percent of CPU usage Percent N, V
CPU Use Monitor Virtual Resource Percent of CPU usage not spent being idle from Monitor Virtual Resource PM/API Percent V
CPU User Percent of CPU usage spent in non-service user code processing Percent N
Disk I/O Number of disk I/Os Number N, V
Disk Out Req Avg Average number of outstanding disk requests Number N, V
Disk Reads Total physical disk reads Number N, V
Disk Usage Percentage of disk usage Percent N, V
Disk Writes Total physical disk writes Number N, V
Host Block Reads Message blocks received from all hosts Number N, V
Host Block Writes Message blocks sent to all hosts Number N, V
Host ID Identifier of the host or LAN associated with the PE Number V
Host I/O Number of host I/Os Number N, V
Max I/O Response Maximum I/O response time for the AMP Number V
Mem Allocate KB Change in vproc memory from the previous sample time frame Number N, V
Mem Allocates Segments allocated to memory resources Number V
Message Count Messages currently queued for delivery to an AMP Number V
Message DQ Count Messages dequeued by an AMP Number V
Net A Usage Total BYNET utilization Percent N
Net I/O Number of messages between the node and the BYNET Number N, V
Net Reads Messages read from the BYNET and input into the node Number N, V
Net Writes Messages written from the node and output to the BYNET Number N, V
Node ID Node identifier (cabinet ID and node ID) Number N, V
Node Type Type of node Various N
PE Count Number of active PEs on the node Number N
Session Log Count Number of sessions currently logged on to the PE Number V
Session Run Count Number of current sessions whose Initiate Requests (TSR messages) are addressed to this vproc Number V
Status Status of the vproc Character N, V
Swaps Number of segments swapped between memory and disk Number N
Swap Reads Segments read into node memory from the disk due to swapping Number N
Swap Writes Segments written to disk from node memory due to swapping Number N
Vproc ID Vproc identifier Number V
Vproc Type Type of vproc Character V