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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

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Teradata Workload Management
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April 2024
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Analytical Ecosystem
Information about available console utilities is listed in the following table. You can access only the following subset of Vantage utilities.
Utility Description
Abort Host Cancel all outstanding transactions running on a failed host until the system restarts the host.
Check Table Check for inconsistencies between internal data structures, such as table headers, row identifiers, and secondary indexes.
Configure Define AMPs, PEs, and hosts, and describe their interrelationships for Analytics Database.
DBS Control Display and modify the DBS Control Record fields.
Ferret Define the scope of an action, such as a range of tables or selected vprocs, display the parameters and scope of the action, and perform the action. The action is to either move data to reconfigure data blocks and cylinders, or display disk space and cylinder free space percent in use.
Gateway Global Monitor and control the sessions of Analytics Database LAN-connected users.
Lock Display Display a snapshot capture of all real-time database locks and their associated currently running sessions.
Operator Console Run supervisor commands to manage the programs that perform Analytics Database operations.
Priority Scheduler Create, modify, and monitor Analytics Database process prioritization parameters. All processes have an assigned priority based on their Analytics Database session. Priority Scheduler allocates CPU and I/O resources based on the priority.
Query Configuration Display the current Analytics Database configuration, including the node, AMP, and PE identification and status.
Query Session Monitor the state of selected Analytics Database sessions on selected logical host IDs.
Recovery Manager Display information used to monitor progress of a database recovery.
Show Locks Display locks placed by archive and recovery, and by table rebuild operations on databases and tables.
Teradata DWM Dump Display information about active Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager (Teradata DWM) rules on a Teradata system.
Update Space Recalculates the permanent, temporary, or spool space used by a single database or by all databases in a system.
Vproc Manager Manage the vprocs including obtaining the status of specified vprocs, initializing vprocs, forcing a vproc to restart, and forcing a database restart.

Information on how to use a majority of these utilities is located in Teradata® Database Utilities. Information on how to use Teradata DWM Dump is in Teradata® Dynamic Workload Manager User Guide. Information on how to use Operator Console is in Graphical User Interfaces: Database Window and Teradata® MultiTool.

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