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Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide - 24.04

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April 2024
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The Trends view allows you to analyze resource usage trends for the selected Teradata, Aster, or Hadoop system. Trends are graphed according to CPU, AWT, I/O, MEM, or DISK within a specified time frame, depending on the type of system. The information is refreshed every 60 seconds.

A time frame selection list allows you to monitor current resource usage within the last hour or view resource usage trends over the last 6 or 12 hours.

A graph displays with time on the horizontal axis and metric values on the vertical axis. The following list describes the features in this graph:

Plot Line
The plot line is a blue line that represents the average metric value. The plot line appears red where critical thresholds are exceeded. If you press the line and drag your finger to the right or left, information balloons pop up to display the average value of the metric at the time indicated.
Past Averages
Past averages show the average of data samples taken for the last 2 weeks at the same time and day of the week indicated on the horizontal axis.
For example, if you set the time frame to Last 1 hour, the last gray segment displays the average of the data sample of the same 10 minutes (aggregation period) for last week and the week prior. The data sample for each week is calculated by averaging the aggregated data over the aggregation period.
Time Frame Selection Aggregation Period
Last 1 hour Every 10 minutes
Last 6 hours Every 10 minutes
Last 12 hours Every 15 minutes
Performance Envelope
The performance envelope represents the upper and lower metric values.
Use the skyline to compare the current performance with the system performance during the same time period or in the future.
The Now point on the horizontal axis indicates the value of the last data point captured. A number to the right of the vertical line also indicates the Now data-point value.
Future Past Average
Use the future past average to estimate system workload.
The future past average is based on the following time selections.
Time Selection Displayed Past Averages Displayed Future Past Average
Last 1 hour 1 hour 10 minutes
Last 6 hours 6 hours 60 minutes
Last 12 hours 12 hours 2 hours
The thresholds settings for CPU and AWT cannot be set independently for the Trends view in Viewpoint Mobile. The settings are inherited from the critical thresholds defined for calculating system health for each system. For more information, see Configuring System Health Values. Thresholds cannot be set for I/O.

In the following example the I/O for a system in the last hour is displayed.

In the following example the red portion of the plot line shows when the AWT has exceeded the threshold during the last six hours.