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The attributes reported by this option are different from those reported by HELP TYPE specified with no options or with the ATTRIBUTE option. The following table lists the options reported by HELP TYPE … METHOD:

Attribute Data Type Nullable? Description
Method Name VARCHAR(30) No The name used to invoke the associated method in an SQL request.
Specific Name VARCHAR(30) No The Specific Name for the associated method.

See “Method Name” earlier in this table for the character set specifications for SPECIFIC NAME.

Method Type CHARACTER(2) No An encoded description of the associated method type.
  • C is a Constructor method.
  • I is an Instance method.
  • M is a Mutator method.
  • O is an Observer method.
Null Call CHARACTER(1) Yes An encoded description of how the associated method deals with null parameters.
This refers to the null call clause in the UDT definition (see CREATE TYPE (Distinct Form) and CREATE TYPE (Structured Form)).
  • N means do not invoke the method if an input parameter is null.

    Return a null to the requestor.

  • Y means always invoke the method.

Y corresponds to the CALLED ON NULL INPUT option.

N corresponds to the RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT option.

Exec Mode CHARACTER(2) No An encoded description of the execution mode for the associated method as defined by the ALTER METHOD statement (see ALTER METHOD).
  • NP means Non-protected.
  • P means Protected.

NP corresponds to the EXECUTE NOT PROTECTED option.

P corresponds to the EXECUTE PROTECTED option.

Deterministic CHARACTER(1) No An encoded description of the deterministic characteristics clause for the associated method as defined by CREATE METHOD (see CREATE METHOD).
  • N means the method is not deterministic.
  • Y means the method is deterministic.

Y corresponds to the DETERMINISTIC option.

N corresponds to the NOT DETERMINISTIC option.

Method Dictionary Name VARCHAR(128) No The attributes shown in this section are based upon and supersede the corresponding older attributes, Method Name and Specific Name, while providing additional functionality.

The older attributes are retained for compatibility with existing applications.

For details, see the topics beginning with Object Name and Title Data in HELP Reports.

Method SQL Name VARCHAR(644) No
Method Name Uescape VARCHAR(1) Yes
Specific Dictionary Name VARCHAR(128) No
Specific SQL Name VARCHAR(644) No
Specific Name Uescape VARCHAR(1) Yes