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Analytics Database
Teradata Vantage
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June 2022
English (United States)
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Teradata Vantage™
ability advantage allowed any aspects
able affairs almost anyone assignment
about afraid alone anything assistance
academic after along apart associated
accept afternoon already apartment association
accepted addition also apparent assume
according additional although apparently assumed
account address always appeal atmosphere
achieved adequate america appear attack
achievement again american appears attempt
across against americans application attention
act age among appearance attitude
acting agencies amount appeared attorney
action agency analysis applied audience
actions ago ancient arrived authority
active agreed and art available
activities agreement animal article average
activity ahead animals artist avoid
actual aid announced artists aware
actually air annual arts away
add aircraft anode aside  
added alive another ask  
administration all answer asked  
advance allow answered asking  
baby became benefit boat british
back because berlin bodies broad
background become beside body broke
bad becomes besides book broken
balance becoming best books brother
ball bed better born brought
bank been between boston brown
bar before beyond both budget
base began bible bottle build
baseball begin big bottom building
based beginning bill bought buildings
basic begins billion box built
basis behavior birds boy business
battle behind birth boys busy
bay being bit break but
beach belief black bridge buy
bear believe block brief  
beat believed blood bright  
beautiful below blue bring  
beauty beneath board britain  
california central city communism contemporary
call century civil communist continue
called certain claim community continued
calls certainly claims companies continuing
came chair class company contract
camp chairman classes compared contrast
campaign chance clay competition control
can change clean complete cool
cannot changed clear completed corner
capable changes clearly completely corporation
capacity chapter close completion corps
capital character closed complex cost
captain characteristic closely components costs
car charge closer concept could
care charged clothes concern council
career charles club concerned countries
careful check coast concerning country
carefully chemical coffee conclusion county
carried chicago cold condition couple
carry chief collection conditions course
carrying child college conduct courses
cars children color conducted court
case china column conference cover
cases chinese combination confidence covered
catholic choice come congo created
cattle chosen comes congress credit
caught christ coming connection crisis
cause christian command consider critical
causes churches commercial considered cultural
caused church commerce considerable cross
cell circle commission constant culture
cells circumstances committee construction current
cent cities common contact cut
center citizens communication contained cutting
daily degree device distance dramatic
dallas degree dictionary distribution draw
dance demand did district drawn
danger demands die divided dream
dark democratic died division dress
data department difference doctor drew
date described differences does drink
daughter design different dog drive
day designed difficult dogs drop
days desire difficulty doing dropped
dead desk dinner dollars drove
deal despite direct domestic dry
death detail directed dominant due
december details direction done during
decided determine directly door dust
decision determined director double duty
declared develop discovered doubt  
deep developed discussed down  
defence development discussion dr  
each eight enough even exist
earlier either enter evening existence
early election entered event existing
earth electric entire events expect
easily electronic entirely ever expected
east elements entitled every experience
easy else entrance everybody experiment
eat emotional equal everyone experiments
economic emphasis equally everything explain
economy employees equipment evidence explained
edge empty escape evident expressed
editor end especially evil expression
education ended essential exactly extended
educational ends establish example extent
effect enemy established excellent extreme
effective energy estimated except eye
effects england etc exchange eyes
effort english europe executive  
efforts enjoyed european exercise  
face father file follow frame
faces favor filled followed france
facilities fear film following frank
fact features final follows free
factor federal finally food freedom
factors feed financial foot french
facts feel find for frequently
faculty feeling finds force fresh
failed feelings fine forced friday
failure feet fingers forces friend
fair fell finished foreign friendly
fairly fellow fire forest friends
faith felt firm form from
fail few firms formed front
familiar field first former full
families fields fiscal forms fully
family fifteen fit formula function
famous fifty five fort fund
far fig fixed forth funds
farm fight flat forward further
fashion fighting floor found future
fast figure flow four  
fat figures flowers fourth  
gain germany goal granted grounds
game get god gray group
games gets goes great groups
garden getting going greater grow
gas girl gone greatest growing
gave girls good greatly growth
general give goods greek guest
generally given got green guests
generation gives government grew gun
george giving governments gross  
german glass governor ground  
had have hell himself hospital
hair having help his hot
half head helped historical hotel
hall headed hence history hour
hand headquarters henry hit hours
hands health her hold house
hanover hear here holding houses
happen heard herself hole housing
happened hearing high home how
happy heart higher homes however
hard heat highest honor human
hardly heavily highly hope hundred
has heavy hill horse hung
hat held him horses husband
idea improved independence informed interior
ideal inch independent initial internal
ideas inches index inside international
image include india instance into
imagination included indicate instead involved
imagine including indicated institutions island
immediate income individual intellectual issue
immediately increase individuals intensity issues
impact increased industrial interest items
importance increases industry interested its
important increasing influence interesting itself
impossible indeed information interests  
jack job joined judgement just
james jobs jones july justice
jazz joe joseph june  
jesus john jr junior  
jewish join judge jury  
keep key killed knew known
keeping kruschev kind knife knows
kennedy kid king know  
kept kill kitchen knowledge  
labor lead length line look
lack leader less lines looked
lady leaders let lips looking
laid leadership letter list looks
land leading letters literary lord
language league level literature lose
laos learn levels little loss
large learned lewis live lost
largely learning liberal lived lot
larger least library lives louis
last leave lie living love
late leaving life local loved
later led light located low
latter left like location lower
law leg liked london  
laws legal likely long  
lay legs limited longer  
machine married meeting miles moon
machinery martin member military moral
made mary members million more
main mass membership mind mother
maintain master memory minds motion
maintenance material men minor motor
major materials mentioned minute mouth
majority matter mercer minutes move
make matters merely miss moved
makes maximum message mission movement
making may met model moving
man maybe metal modern much
management mean method moment murder
manager meaning methods monday music
manner means middle money musical
many meant might month must
march measure mike months my
mark measures mile moreover myself
marked medical mine morgan  
market meeting minimum morning  
marriage meet minister most  
name near nevertheless none notice
named nearly new nor novel
names necessary news normal november
narrow neck newspaper north now
nation need next nose nuclear
national needed nice not number
nations needs night note numbers
natural neighborhood nine noted  
naturally neither no notes  
nature never nobody nothing  
object offered one opportunity other
objective office ones opposite others
objects officer only orchestra otherwise
observed officers onto order ought
obtained official open ordered our
obvious officials opened orders ourselves
obviously often opening ordinary out
occasion oil operating organization outside
occurred old operation organizations over
off older operations organized own
offer once opinion original  
page period plays practical production
paid permit please practice products
pain permitted pleasure prepared professional
painting person plenty presence professor
pale personal plus present program
palmer personnel poems presented programs
paper persons poet president progress
parents phase poetry press project
paris phil point pressure projects
park philosophy pointed pretty proper
parker physical points prevent properties
part pick police previous property
particular picked policies previously propose
particularly picture policy price protection
parties pictures political prices proved
parts piece politics primarily provide
party pieces pool primary provided
pass place poor principal providence
passed placed popular principle provides
passing places population principles providing
past plan portion private public
patient plane position probably published
pattern planned positive problem pulled
pay planning possibility problems pure
peace plans possible procedure purpose
people plant possibly procedures purposes
per plants post process put
percent platform potential processes  
perfect play power produce  
performance played powerful produced  
perhaps playing powers product  
quality questions quickly quite  
question quick quiet    
race really relation requirements rise
radiation reason relations requires rising
radio reasonable relationship research river
railroad reasons relatively resolution road
rain receive relief resources roads
raised received religion respect robert
ran recent religious response rock
range recently remain responsibility role
rapidly recognize remained responsible roman
rate recognized remains rest rome
rates record remember result roof
rather records remembered results room
reach red remove return rooms
reached reduce removed returned rose
reaction reduced repeated review round
read reference replied revolution rule
reading refused report rhode rules
ready regard reported rich run
real regarded reports richard running
reality region represented rifle runs
realize regular require right russia
realized related required rights russian
safe simply son stands structure
said since song stared struggle
sales single songs start student
sam sir soon started students
same sit sort starting studied
sample site sought state studies
san sitting sound stated study
sat situation source statement style
saturday six sources statements subject
save size south states subjects
shelter sky southern station substantial
ship sleep soviet stations success
shook slightly space status successful
shop slow speak stay such
shore slowly speaking stayed suddenly
short small special step sufficient
shot smaller specific steps suggested
should smile speech still summer
shoulder smiled speed stock sun
show snow spent stone sunday
showed social spirit stood supply
showing society spiritual stop support
shown soft spite stopped suppose
shows soldiers spoke store supposed
side solid spot stories sure
sides solution spread story surface
sight some spring straight surprised
sign somebody square strange sweet
signal somehow staff street system
significance someone stage streets systems
significant something stand strength  
signs sometimes standard stress  
similar somewhat standards strong  
simple somewhere standing struck  
table ten thin told trees
take tension thing tom trial
taken term things tomorrow tried
takes terms think tone trip
taking test thinking too trouble
talk tests third took truck
talked texas thirty top true
talking text this total truly
task than thomas touch truth
taste that those toward try
tax the though towards trying
teacher their thought town tuesday
teachers then thousand trade turn
teaching theme three tradition turned
team themselves through traditional turning
technical then throughout traffic twenty
technique theory thus train twice
techniques there time training two
teeth therefore times travel type
telephone these title treated types
tell they today treatment typical
temperature thick together tree  
ultimate union universe upper usual
uncle unique university use usually
under unit unless used  
understand united until useful  
understanding units unusual uses  
understood unity upon using  
valley various view visit volume
value vast village vital vote
values very virginia vocation  
variety victory vision voice  
wage watching when wilson wore
wait water where win work
waited way whether wind worked
waiting ways which window workers
walk weapons while wine working
walked weather white winter works
wall week who wish world
walls weeks whole with worry
want weight whom within worth
wanted well whose without would
wants went why woman write
war were wide women writer
warm west wife won writers
was western wild wonder writing
washington what will wondered written
watch whatever william word wrong
watched wheel willing words wrote
your yards yes york  
yourself year yesterday you  
youth years yet young